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Carnival Funeral

Yesterday was the official end of the carnival and in the city of Terrassa a mourning ceremony was held to celebrate this event. The story behind is that the group that won the last year´s carnival has to organize the mourning ceremony for the end of this year´s carnival so the women dress in mourning

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African Mass

A few days ago I had the opportunity to attend an African mass in Barcelona and there I went. The African catholic masses are very different from ours because the attendees wear very colorful clothes and are singing and dancing almost all the time. The truth is that it was worth the experience.

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Interview with a photographer – Ricard Torres

In today’s article I wanted to bring you an interview that I have done to a street photographer named Ricard Torres. Ricard is a photographer who lives in the city of Barcelona and since 2007, through his blog www.quicoto.com, has been sharing his travels through South Korea, Japan, United States and several countries in Europe.

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Group of Bastoners

Group stick dancers. This dance is a set of dances that use a cane or two, poking them to the rhythm of the music and is a widespread throughout Europe and especially in the Mediterranean countries with particularities defined in each place. The dance of sticks tells in dance form the struggle between two sides,

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Life through a hole in a wall

In the area of ​​Parallel in the city of Barcelona there is an open space where graffiti artists are free to portray their art on the walls. Watching and walking around the area I found a wall that was open where life could be seen on the other side of the wall where there was

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