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Single Moment Photo

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Hi!. My name is

Pedro Oriz

I help people like you who love photography to become a good photographer by sharing…

  • Tips & Tricks to improve your photography.
  • Useful Resources I find online and that I´m using.
  • Best educational tutorials to help you make better pictures.

I want to help you become
a good Photographer.

Most of us are not born with that creative gene that makes us good photographers from the beginning. We must strive to improve and devote maximum time to reach a high level in photography.

I´m not a professional photographer, I´m simply an amateur photography lover who is learning just like you and who wants to transmit that knowledge that I am learning and share it with other people. 

My goal with Single Moment Photo is to provide you with useful information about photography and related topics. I´ll share with you practical articles, stories and book reviews. Feel welcome and enjoy your way to good photography.

I will help you this way...

photographic technique
Digital Retouching

I will provide you with in-depth photography articles teaching each of the photography skills & camera techniques which are the foundation of this art.

daily photos

I will be publishing interesting daily photos of places I visit on my trips, the city I live, people stories, street photography and cultural events.

interviews with other photographers

Interviews with photographers who I hope will inspire you where they will share their experiences, their tricks, their passion and motivation in photography.